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How to receive notification on ZeWatch4/4HR?

Once Bluetooth is enabled and the ZeWatch4  application is installed on your smartphone, ZeWatch4/4HR shows notifications of incoming and missed calls, SMS, email, social media activity, calendar events and anti-lost alert. 

To enable them, open ZeWatch4 App, tap Settings > Notifications to select the notifications you want to receive onto your ZeWatch4/4HR.

When you receive a notification, you will be notified on your ZeWatch4/4HR . 

Setting up notifications for iOS users

Go to Settings of your iOS device:

  • Tap "Notification center"
  • Select which type of notifications you wish to receive on ZeWatch4/4HR 
  • Enable "Show in Notification Center" to receive the notification on ZeWatch4/4HR


If you can not receive your notifications on your ZeWatch4/4HR , disable them one by one on the App and then activate them all. After this, perform a new test.

Enable the Bluetooth and your internet connection (3G/4G) in order to receive notifications on your ZeWatch4/4HR.

Caller ID only works with Latin characters. For support in other languages, please contact us. Windows Phone devices may not support these features, please contact us for more detailed information.




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