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Sleep monitoring

You can use your ZeSport to monitor and analyze not only the duration of your sleep but also its quality.

Our triaxial accelerometer detects if you are in a phase of light sleep, deep sleep or awake according to the movements made during your sleep.

  • Light sleep implies that you are not deeply asleep but that we are not moving continuously.
  • Deep sleep means you are totally asleep and are still.

The quality of your sleep is therefore evaluated according to the duration of these different phases during your sleep compared to the objective initially fixed.

Information: We remind our users that the ZeSport and all our watches with an activity tracker are intended for daily use and are indicative.

Sleep Tracking Mode

  • Press the Sleep icon on your ZeSport
  • On the Goals screen, tap Edit
  • Record your bedtime and bedtime

Please wear the device on you when you are asleep.

Go to the Today tab of the application and slide your finger down to synchronize your sleep data.

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