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Start an activity

Start an activity

If you are starting an outdoor activity, please activate the GPS on your device.

To activate it, go to the Settings menu of the ZeSport, select GPS and click on Activated.

From the Activity menu, select an activity. If you want to follow your heart rate, please activate heart rate monitoring in the Heart Rate menu. Wait for a first data to appear on the screen before going to the Activity menu.

Then, you can set your steps goal, calories burned goal…. and add any additional information.

If you want to monitor your cardiac frequency, you must be sure to complete Step1 and then click on Yes.

If your activity requires the GPS mode, you need to go outside, and wait for a few minutes while the device locates the satellites. Shortly afterwards your activity will begin.

Registration of your activity

As soon as you have finished your activity session, please go to the Activity menu. Slide your finger down twice on the screen to stop tracking your activity, or put it on pause. To resume an activity, click on Start.

Then, click on Save to save your data in the application.

You will find this data and your history on your ZeSport or on the “Today” or “Activity" tab of your application after an automatic or manual synchronization.

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