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Incoming Call & In-Call options

During an incoming call, you can

  • Answer
  • Reject
  • Mute

During a call in progress, you can:

  • Turn off the microphone
  • End current call

To answer a call from your smartphone and not from your ZeRound2/2HR, please follow the tips below depending on your phone's operating system.

Android users

To answer the call from your phone, you can press the "Headset" logo on the bottom right of your smartphone screen when you receive the call.

You can also disable the call feature of your ZeRound2/2HR by going to your phone's Bluetooth settings and then clicking the node to the right of the ZeRound2/2HR connection. You can then deactivate the audio function.

Warning: by disabling this feature, you will no longer receive calls on your watch and all audio-related features will no longer work.

IOS users

On iOS devices, no manipulation is required, it is up to you to choose during a call, to answer or not via your smartphone directly or via your ZeRound2/2HR.

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