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Sleep mode setting

ZeRound2/2HR detects micromovements during your sleep and derives the quality of sleep, the time taken to fall asleep, the number of time you woke up during the night, the number of time of light sleep and deep sleep, etc.

The 3-axis accelerometer detects if you are light sleeping, deep sleeping or awake according to your movements during these phases.

  • Light sleep means that you are not deep sleeping, but that you are not in continuous activity neither
  • Deep sleep means that you are completely asleep and still 

You will find all data on your sleep on the ZeRound2 mobile app. Click on the Activity tab then on Sleep. You can also find all data of your last night on your ZeRound2/2HR device. Go to the Application Menu of the smartwatch then click on the Sleep icon.


  • Click on the Sleep icon on your ZeRound2/2HR device
  • Click on the Start button to start recording your sleep
  • Click on the End button once you are awake


  • Start the ZeRound2 mobile app
  • Click on Sleepon the Activity tab
  • Click on + at the bottom of the page then on ADD SLEEP


  • Click on the Sleep icon on your ZeRound2/2HR device
  • Swipe left to set up your sleep goal

The goal is set to 8 hours by default

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