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How do I set the time (calibration) on my ZeTime?

To calibrate your ZeTime, move hands by slowly swiping your finger around the virtual dial on the smartphone screen. You can fine-tune the hands position by using the « + / - » on the phone screen.

As a first step, Unlock the Hands calibration by clicking on Unlock button.

Then, align the hours hand with the red dot at the top of the screen, and align the minutes hand with the hours hand, then press NEXT to synch your ZeTime with your smartphone.


Calibration can be done outside the set up process directly on the watch in the settings or from the mobile app by following the steps.

From the device 

Go on the Settings menu > Time > Calibration > Follow the instructions 

From the ZeTime mobile App

Go on the Settings tab > Advanced settings > Calibration > Follow the instructions 

 Below see a quick video about "How to calibrate your ZeTime?"

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