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My step count doesn't seem accurate or doesn't appear on the ZeTime App, what should I do?

My step/distance count does not seem accurate

  • Make sure you have entered your correct height when signing up

  • Make sure you are wearing your ZeTime on your non-dominant wrist and not too lose

Note: The device may interpret some repetitive motions, such as washing dishes, folding laundry or clapping your hands, as steps.

Also, be advised that since ZeTime is fitted by an accelerometer, if your arm doesn't move, the activity tracker won't count any steps.

The daily step count is reset every night at midnight.

My daily step count does not appear on the ZeTime App

  • Make sure that your ZeTime is connected with your smartphone through the App
  • Go on the Dashboard Tab and slide down to sync your data

If the problem persists, close the running App and turn off/on the Bluetooth connection.

Then, repeat the steps just above.

The Activity data on my ZeTime and my ZeTime App don't match

  • Refresh the ZeTime Mobile app 
  • Sync your data manually by sliding your finger down on the Dashboard page

Note: If you have one or several MyKronoz devices, please note that all your daily data (steps, distance, ...) will be synced and saved on a single user account. 


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