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How can I maximize my ZeTime's battery life?

ZeTime has an advertised maximum battery life of 3 days (smart mode).

The standby time and battery life of the device varies depending on your settings and charge/discharge cycling.

There are many factors that could cause the device to report less than the advertised battery life.

There are specific Activity and System settings that can be adjusted to maximize the battery life on your device:

  • Disabling Alarms/Reminders
  • Disabling Wrist Flick mode
  • Disabling wireless features such as WiFi and Bluetooth when you are not using connected features
  • Lowering the backlight timeout/brightness
  • Use a watch face without a second hand
  • Disabling Alert and Key Tones
  • Disabling Always-on sync mode
  • Disabling HR monitoring Track
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