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How do I set up my ZeTime?

After turning ON your ZeTime for the first time, you’ll be prompted to download the ZeTime mobile app on your smartphone in order to proceed to its initial set up.

To set up your ZeTime, please follow the step below:

  1. Ensure the Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile smartphone.
  2. Download the Zetime mobile app from the App store or Google Play store > Tap "ZeTime" on the research bar.
  3. Open ZeTime mobile App on your smartphone. Sign up if you are a new member or Log in with your existing account. After entering your personal information, follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Make sure ZeTime is nearby and select it in the list of devices.
  5. A pairing request will appear on your smartphone. Press pair to accept it.
  6. Then, you will receive a pairing request Capture_d__cran_2017-10-07___10.55.07.pngon your ZeTime display. Tap on the screen to accept the pairing.
  7. When ZeTime is successfully paired, you will be notified on both devices.

Below you will see a quick video about How to Set Up your ZeTime?

Note:  Following the setup process, you might be prompted to install a new version of the ZeTime firmware. We strongly advise you to do it before you start using ZeTime. This will ensure you have the most up to date software on your device and benefit from all the latest features.

Click here to see How to update your ZeTime?

If you want to pair your ZeTime with another account or smartphone, you first need to unpair from the current one. On the mobile app, go to Settings > click on Unpair ZeTime.

Then, repeat the pairing procedure described above.

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