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How do I set my goals?

You can set your daily goals from the mobile app or in the watch settings from the activity section.

From the device

  1. Go on the Settings menu > Activity > Goals
  2. Tap on + or - to set your goals
  3. Click on Ok to save your settings

From the ZeTime App

  1. Go on the Goal tab
  2. Set your goals and click on Save 

We recommend you to set up realistic but ambitious goals in order to keep a healthy daily activity. You can obviously raise your goals over time to increase your performance. On average it is recommended to have at least 30 minutes of real activity per day.

To exert yourself even more and reach the 10.000 steps recommended by WHO, here are some tips:

  • Avoid elevators, take stairs
  • Get use to park your car a little farther to walk more
  • Leave your desk every 30 minutes at work and walk a few steps

Note: Your ZeTime tracks your progress towards a daily goal of your choice. Some of the watch show a goal progress ring or bar to keep you motivated. When you reach your goal, ZeTime vibrates and displays a Goal achieved notification.

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