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How do I control music played on my phone from my ZeTime?

With ZeTime you can take control of your favorite music player on your Smartphone. If you’re using third party players like Spotify or Deezer you’ll first need to connect your account with the ZeTime mobile App in the Music settings menu.

On your ZeTime, you can see information about the track currently playing, like artist and track name. If the app you’re using does not broadcast track information, it won’t appear on your ZeTime (iOS only). 


To control Music:

• First start the player on your phone.

• Go into the Music app on your ZeTime. (ONLY FOR IOS USERS)

• Play, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume straight from your wrist. Volume can also be adjusted using the smart crown.


Note: Make sure to play music on your smartphone before controlling it from your ZeTime.

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