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Why isn't my ZeTime syncing?

Syncing issue may be caused by a missing requirement/procedure.

Please verify carefully each point below:

  • The ZeTime mobile App is installed on a compatible smartphone. Feel free to check our system requirements & device compatibility list
  • The Bluetooth connection is activated on your smartphone and ZeTime (Settings > General > Bluetooth)
  • Your Android/iOS device and ZeTime device are up to date
  • Your smartphone isn't managing other Bluetooth connections 
  • Your ZeTime device's battery is higher than 30%

If the problem persists, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Force quit and reopen the ZeTime mobile app
  2. Switch Bluetooth off and back on on your smartphone
  3. If your ZeTime still doesn't sync, reset it. For instructions see: How do I reset my ZeTime?
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the ZeTime app

If your ZeTime won't sync after performing all steps just above, please log in to your ZeTime account on another device/phone and try to pair/sync.


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