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I tried to sync my data but it was not successful, what should I do ?

First, press the syncing button on the top right hand of the mobile app

Then, make sure ZeFit display in turned on to initiate the Bluetooth connection and ensure successful synchronization of data


If you still experience some problems:

- Make sure you have Wifi / 3G network

- Reset your mobile device

- if you are using an iPhone:

- double press the Home Button and remove the window corresponding to ZeFit App

 Send an email to support@mykronoz.com indicating:

-Your MyKronoz device S/N number (that you can find on the back of the packaging box)

-Your MyKronoz device D/N number (that you can find in the Help section of your app or on the bottom right side of the homepage of our PC and MAC software)

-Your phone or tablet brand and model

-Its Android or IOS version

-Your IOS or Android App version

-The email address you have used to register

-A screenshot of your app's dashboard and a photo of the watch showing the data

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