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SMS notification is not working ...

[Android users]

- Make sure ZeWatch2 is paired to your mobile phone.

- Download the latest version of ZeWatch2  Android application available on the Google Play store

- Ensure the notification is enabled in "Settings" > "Notifications" of the App


[iOS users]

This bug has been fixed. In order to benefit from this feature, please do the followings:

- upgrade your ZeWatch2 with the latest firmware version available. In order to upgrade your ZeWatch2 firmware, download our PC or MAC software on http://app-zewatch2.mykronoz.com/softwareAppDownload and follow the instructions on screen.

- download the latest version of ZeWatch2 iOS app available on the App store

- enable the SMS notifications in "Settings" > "Notifications" tab of ZeWatch2 iOS app


Still experiencing some problems? Send an email to support@mykronoz.com with the following information:
- ZeWatch2 S/N number (which can be found on the back of the packaging box)
- ZeWatch2 application version
- Your mobile device brand and model

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