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I have an iPhone 5, but when I try to pair my device it always says “FAILED” ...

When you try to pair ZeBracelet2 using a mobile phone, you must make sure that ZeBracelet2 display is turned on to initiate the Bluetooth recognition. Press ZeBracelet2 RED button to light up the display.

If you still experience some problems, try this:

Step 1: Open the app, go to "Settings", tap "set up" and then "unpair"

Step 2: Then log out the app

Step 3: Go into the Bluetooth settings of your phone and forget ZeBracelet2 BLE and/or ZeBracelet2 device(s)

Step 4: Upgrade your device with the latest firmware version available, by downloading our PC or MAC software available on http://app-zebracelet2.mykronoz.com/softwareAppDownload

Step 5: After a successful firmware upgrade, log into the app, and do the pairing process again

Other tips:

- Make sure your Bluetooth is turned ON

- Make sure you have Wifi / 3g

- Reset your phone


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