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My ZeBracelet2 shows incorrect time, what can I do?

If your ZeBracelet2 shows the wrong time and date, please do the following:

- Ensure you have successfully paired the device after downloading and installing ZeBracelet2 iOS, Android or Windows Phone App. Create an account and follow the instructions on screen to pair your device. After a successful pairing, the time and date of your phone will be automatically synchronized.

- Upgrade your device with the latest firmware version by downloading our PC or MAC software available on:http://app-zebracelet2.mykronoz.com/softwareAppDownload

Still encounter some issues ?

try this:

- turn your Bluetooth ON and OFF

- In your phone's Bluetooth settings, forget or unpair ZeBracelet2 and/or ZeBracelet2 BLE

- Open the app, go to "Settings", tap "set up" and then "unpair"

- Then log out from the app

- Log into the app and do the pairing process again

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