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I noticed some data discrepancy between my App and my ZeFit, what can I do ?

Here are some tips :

- Make sure you have Wifi / 3g network

- Reset your mobile device

- iPhone users: double press the Home Button and remove the window corresponding to the App


If you are still experiencing some problems, could you please tell us :
-Your MyKronoz device S/N number (that you can find on the back of the packaging box)

-Your MyKronoz device D/N number (that you can find in the Help section of your app or on the bottom right side of the homepage of our PC and MAC software)

-Your phone or tablet brand and model

-Its Android or IOS version

-Your IOS or Android App version

-The email address you have used to register

-A screenshot of your app's dashboard and a photo of the watch showing the data

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