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I have installed ZeWatch2 PC software but I am stuck on the welcome page.

- If you notice a pop-up message saying "can not recognize the device" at the bottom right corner, it is possible that the port is already used by another one before. It will takes minutes to be released. We suggest to unplug and plug ZeWatch2 again.

- If "unknown driver" is displayed at the bottom right corner, it means the driver installation is unsuccessful. New PC version will help you to install it if you currently can't install it manually.

- If your ZeWatch2 is not recognized and there is no message pop up, it means that your ZeWatch2 is not recognized by your USB port. We suggest to remove other USB device first, then plug your ZeWatch2 again.

We also highly recommend to follow these steps:

-Make sure the charging clip is well positioned on the charging terminals on the back of ZeWatch2

-Update the driver on your PC

-Try again on a different USB port

-Make sure you have disconnected all the bluetooth connections (from your Bluetooth devices list on your smartphone and from your App)

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