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I cannot receive calls ...

Please make sure you have paired your device via Bluetooth 2.1 to support voice and audio features:

- Press the RED button to light up the display

- Press the upper left button on your ZeWatch2 to release the Bluetooth connection

- An icon onZeBracelet2 will appear followed by a beep

- Go to your cellphone Bluetooth settings, turn it ON and select ZeBracelet2 in the list of available devices

- A phone icon will appear on ZeBracelet2 homepage, and the status "Connected" or "Paired" on your mobile device will confirm successful pairing

Still encounter some issues ? try this:

- Reset your device manually by pressing the GREEN and RED buttons simultaneously

- turn your phone's Bluetooth ON and OFF

- In your phone's Bluetooth settings, forget or unpair ZeBracelet2

- If the problem remains, we invite you to reset your phone

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