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How ZeCircle calculates the number of steps done, the distance performed and the amount of Calories burnt ?

ZeCircle uses a tri-axial accelerometer to detect your mouvements.

The data are analysed in order to count the number of steps done and deduct the amount of Calories burnt and the distance you have performed given the characteristics of the profile of the user (Weight, age, gender and height).

Be advised, ZeCircle can take in account a few steps even if you are not doing any activity, if you are driving on a bumpy road, or if your arms are in mouvement.

Thanks to these informations (height, weight, age and gender), ZeCircle can calculate an estimation of the total Calories burnt according to your metabolism and your activities. As for the podometer and distance functions, the Calories count starts at midnight.

You can see all the informations on the dashboard of the application or the PC/MAC software.

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