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How to pair ZeWatch3 to my mobile device ?

The first time you use ZeWatch3, a SET UP message will prompt you to set up your ZeWatch3 using a mobile device or a computer.

Download the corresponding application for ZeWatch3 at the Google Play store, the App Store or the Windows Phone store.

Step 1 : Pairing through the application (Bluetooth Low Energy - BLE)

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  2. Open ZeWatch App on your mobile device. Sign up if you are a new member or Log in with your existing account. After entering your personal information, select your ZeWatch model and tap set up.
  3. Make sure ZeWatch3 is nearby and select ZeWatch3 BLE in the list of devices.
  4. You will receive a pairing request on your mobile device. Press Pair to accept it.
  5. Then a pairing request will appear on your ZeWatch3 display. Press ZeWatch3 LEFT button to accept the pairing.
  6. When ZeWatch3 is successfully paired, you will be notified on ZeWatch3 and on your mobile device's screen.

This operation will allow you to synchronize time, date, activity and sleep data, reminders and notifications.

Step 2 : Manual Pairing (Bluetooth Classic)

  1. From ZeWatch3 homescreen page, hold and press the LEFT button until a phone icon appears.
  2. Go to your mobile device's Bluetooth settings and select ZeWatch3 in the list of devices.

This operation will allow you to make and receive calls with ZeWatch3





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