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My ZeWatch3 shows incorrect time, what can I do?

If your ZeWatch3 shows the wrong time and date, please do the following:

- Ensure you have successfully paired the device after downloading and installing ZeWatch3 iOS or Android App. Create an account and follow the instructions on screen to pair your device. After a successful pairing, the time and date of your phone will be automatically synchronized.

- Upgrade your device with the latest firmware version by downloading our PC or MAC software available on: http://app-zewatch3mykronoz.com/softwareAppDownload


Still encounter some issues? try this:

- Turn your Bluetooth ON and OFF

- In your phone's Bluetooth settings, forget or unpair ZeWatch3 and/or ZeWatch3 BLE

- Open the app, go to "Settings", tap "set up" and then "unpair"

- Then log out from the app

- Log into the app and do the pairing process again

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