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How can I upgrade my ZeFit2 Pulse with the latest firmware available?

[Update via PC/MAC]

To update ZeFit2 Pulse, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download ZeFit2 Pulse PC or MAC software, available here: http://app-zefit2pulse.mykronoz.com/index?i18n=en_US
  2. Install and then open the software
  3. Plug your ZeFit2 Pulse in your computer and press “Sign up” to create an account or “Log in” if you already have one
  4. A pop-up message will prompt you to download the update available, so press “Yes”
  5. The firmware upgrade and the MCU update will proceed automatically and consecutively.

If the update fails or stops for few minutes, please unplug ZeFit2 Pulse and exit the software.

Open the software again and repeat steps 3 to 5.

After plugging in the watch and logging in, two options will appear: “MCU update” or “Reset MCU update”. Please press “MCU update” to continue the update.

  1. The success of the update will be confirmed by the following message “MCU update successfully”. You will have to press “OK” to end the process and unplug ZeFit2 Pulse.


Make sure that you have disabled the bluetooth connection between the ZeFit2 Pulse and your phone.

[Update with your mobile phone (OTA)]

ZeFit2 Pulse feature OTA technology (Over The Air) that allows you to do the firmware upgrade directly with your mobile phone. Once a update is available, you will receive a warning on the application. You just need to accept the update in the settings of the App, the update will then proceed automatically.

If the update fails, please upgrade your device via the ZeFit2Pulse PC/MAC software:


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