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I have just received my ZeSplash2, how can I set up the time and date?

Time and date set up automatically or manually.

Automatic set up:

This set up occurs while pairing your ZeSplash2 with your phone.

If the time and date are still not set up, please follow these steps:

1. In your ZePlash2, tap on “Settings” icon, then tap “Clock”.

2. Press “Sync Time” and then “Activate” or “On”

3. Pair your watch with your phone, the time and date will autoamitcally sync, once the connexion is established.

Manual set up:

1. In ZeSplash2, tap on “Settings” icon, and then tap “Clock”.

2. Press “Sync time” and then “Disable” or “Off”

3. Go back to “Settings” and click “Date” to modify the date or “Time” to modify the time.

Memo: You can change the format of the date using ZeSplash2 App.

Go to “Settings”, then “Date format” and select the format you prefer.

To change the format of the time, you have to go to your ZeSplash2 menu, press “Settings” and then “Display”.

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