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2. How to set up your ZeWatch3 with the mbile phone App?

After charging your ZeWatch3, a set up message will appear on your watch’ display.

You can set up your ZeWatch3 downloading its App available on Google Play Store, App Store and Windows Phone Store. You can also download ZeFit2 PC/MAC Software available on this page: http://app-zewatch3.mykronoz.com/softwareAppDownload

Set up with ZeWatch3 App :

Step 1 : Pairing through the application (Bluetooth BLE) :

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device.

  2. Open ZeWatch App on your mobile device after downloading it.

  3. Log in or sign up and enter your personal data if you are a new member.

  4. Select your ZeWatch3 and tap « Set up ».

  5. Make sure ZeWatch3 is nearby and select “ZeWatch3 BLE” in the list of devices.

  6. A pairing request will appear on your mobile device, then press “Pair” to accept it.

  7. An other pairing request will appear on your ZeWatch3 display. Press the left button to accept the pairing.

  8. The pairing success will be confirmed on your mobile device and on ZeWatch3 and on your mobile device

Step2 : Manual pairing (Bluetooth classic) :

  1. Turn on ZeWatch3 screen by pressing its right button.

  2. Then, hold and press ZeWatch3 left button until a phone icon appears and “beep” will sound.

  3. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device and select ZeWatch3 in the list of devices.

  4. The success of the pairing will be confirmed in your mobile device and with the phone icon appearing on your ZeWatch3 display.


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