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4. How to unpair your ZeFit2 from a previous account?

To unpair your ZeFit2 from a previous account, you can either do it with PC/MAC software (if you have the logins of the previous user), or contact us at support@mykronoz.com.

With the previous user’s logins:

    1. Open ZeFit2's PC/MAC software

    2. Go to "Device manager"

    3. Click on the "Unpair" button located at the right side of the table

A pop-up will appear to log out your watch, and press « Yes ». ZeFit2 will be unpaired from the previous account. You will be able to enter your ID and password.

Without the previous user’s logins:

If you don't know the logins of the previous user, please send us (support@mykronoz.com) a screenshot including the D/N number that appears below the error message.

This D/N number will allow us to track with which email address your MyKronoz device is connected, and if needed, to unpair it from this account.

The D/N number can be found either on the bottom right-side of the Software in “My device” tab or at the bottom of the error message you get while trying to log in.

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