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How to Set up ZeCircle with IOS?

Set up ZeCircle with IOS


  1. Download ZeCircle App available on App store or Google Play store.

  2. Open ZeCircle App and log in or sign up if you do not have an account.

  3. Click on “Connect ZeCircle” and tap on your ZeCircle display to turn it on.

Please make sure ZeCircle display stay lighted up during the following process.

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile go back to the App and press “Next” and “Set up”.

  2. Select your ZeCircle in the list of devices (ZeCircle #....) appearing in your smartphone. If ZeCircle does not appear, or if the pairing fails, please reset your watch. (put you ZeCircle on its charging dock, plug the USB cable in a power source. Insert a small pin in the charging dock for 3 seconds and follow again step 5).

  3. A pairing request will appear on your ZeCircle display (with a Bluetooth icon and the word “pair?”), then tap on your ZeCircle to accept it.


The setting up success will be confirmed in the app.


If the set up fails:

Disable Bluetooth from your phone, uninstall ZeCircle and reset your phone.



























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