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I cannot see the name of the incoming call in my ZeSplash2…

Please make sure your ZeSplash2 is paired with your phone and Bluetooth is enabled in your watch and your phone.

In your phone:

1. Go to “Settings”, enable Bluetooth, then select ZeSplash2 in the list of devices. A pairing request will appear, please accept it.

2. Open ZeSplash2 App and log in. Select ZeSplash2 in the list of devices and tap “Connect”. The success of the pairing will be confirmed in your application.

In your ZeSplash2:

Clik on “Settings” and then,“Setting BT”. Please make sure the tab “Power” is activated and the tab “Visibility” is disabled.

These adjustments will allow you to sync the phonebook with your ZeSplash2 and the name of the incoming call will appear.

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