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3. How to update your ZeWatch3?

You can update your ZeWatch3 firmware directly with your smartphone or your computer.

Update with ZeWatch3 App:

ZeWatch3 features OTA technology that allows you to do the firmware upgrade directly with your mobile phone.

Once an update is available, you will receive a warning on the application.

You just need to accept the update in the settings of the App, then, the update will proceed automatically.

Update with ZeWatch3 PC/MAC software:

To update ZeWatch3 firmware you have to download and install ZeWatch3 PC/MAC software available here: http://app-zewatch3.mykronoz.com/softwareAppDownload

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you have disabled the Bluetooth connection between the ZeWatch3 and your phone.

  2. Download and install ZeWatch3 PC or MAC software.

  3. Plug ZeWatch3 into the USB port of your computer and follow the instructions on screen to upgrade your ZeWatch3 firmware.

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