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How to use the calls function on ZeRound?

Calls function allows you to make and receive calls from your watch.

To use the call feature on your ZeRound, you need to pair your phone with your watch.

Please choose the operating system of your phone below and you'll be directed to a section of our FAQ explaining how to pair:

- Android

- iOS

After completing the configuration you can:

  • Answering an incoming call from your ZeRound by pressing the green phone icon

Note: If you want to take the call from the phone, please see the following article: How to respond to my calls from my smartphone and not from my ZeRound?

  • Reject an incoming call by pressing the red phone icon
  • Turn off the ringer for an incoming call by pressing the Sound icon located between the two icons on the screen Phone
  • Hang up by pressing the red phone icon
  • Make a call from the watch by visiting the Phone menu, enter a number with the keypad
  • Make a call from the directory, select a contact and press the green phone icon


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