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How do I define my goals on my ZeCircle2 ?

Your ZeCircle2 allows you to track your daily activity and analyze your progress.

You can easily set your goals by setting them on the ZeCircle2 App. Click the Goals tab and then set your goals in a just few clicks (Steps, Distance, Calories and Sleep).

To spend even more and reach 10,000 steps recommended by the WHO, here are some helpful tips.

  • Use the staircase rather than the lift
  • Get off the underground a few stops before your usual stop
  • Park your car at a small distance from your destination
  • At work, leave your screen every 30 minutes and walk around


Once you reach a goal, your ZeCircle2 will congratulate you by displaying the following icon 

You will also be notified about ZeCircle2 application.

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