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My ZeTrack doesn't synchronize correctly, what can I do?

If you can not synchronize your data, it is likely that this is due to a connection problem.

IOS application

Please check that your iPhone and/or iPad is compatible with your MyKronoz device. For this, please check that your model/version is compatible on:

Android application

As a first step, make sure your Android smartphone has a BLE radio transceiver and software support. This Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is an optional component of Bluetooth 4.0, so some devices with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity are not equipped or lack the software. Therefore, this can prevent the BLE from functioning normally.

For this, please check that the non-exhaustive list of Android smartphone compatible with our devices:

After this first check, if your device still does not sync your data, please follow the following recommendations:

  • Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
  • Disable and reactivate Bluetooth. Then, go to the app to sync your data.
  • Go to the settings menu of the mobile application. Select  Paired watches. Make sure your watch is in use (red banner on). If it is not, click Unpair and then Use.
  • Close the mobile app and open it again
  • Restart your smartphone and watch and then sync again
  • Reinstall the mobile app and try again

We recommend that you sync your MyKronoz device at least once a day to prevent data loss and synchronize your data in seconds.

The duration of the synchronization depends on the amount of data stored in the internal memory of the device.

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