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How does the voice command work?

The voice command allows you to remotely control your phone, search for information or send a quick command.

To enjoy this feature, make sure that the BT 3.0 is connected with your smartphone (refer to 6. Pairing section for more details).

Send a voice command

  •     Open the Voice command app
  •     Tap on the Voice control button to enable the function
  •     Ask to Google now or Siri something
  •     Press the Voice control button to speak or send another command

Examples of what you can ask or do:

  • Check the weather
  • Set an alarm (on your phone)
  • Send a text message


This feature is only functional with iOS 9+ devices compatible with Siri and some Android 6.0+ devices compatible with Google Now. To enjoy this feature, ensure that your smartphone has access to the internet (4G or Wi-Fi).

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