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How can I maximize my ZeRound3's battery life?

ZeRound3's autonomy can last more than 4/5 days after a full charge.

In normal use (call function enabled, notification reception, heart rate monitoring every hour and connected functions enabled), the battery life is 2 to 3 days.


The length of time your watch can operate after a charge depends on several factors such as frequency of use, parameter settings, charging cycles and other parameters.

There are specific activity and system settings that can be adjusted to maximize battery life of your device:


  • Switch off the automatic lighting


Access the watch settings > Select Display > Click on Wrist flick > Disable


  • Disable automatic heart rate monitoring


Access the mobile application settings > Select Heart rate > Disable auto track


  • Disable notifications


Access the mobile application settings > Select Notification > Disable some of the notifications


  • Disable alarms and reminders


Access the alarm and/or reminder menus > Disable some reminders or alarms


  • Reduce brightness and standby time


Access the watch settings > Select Brightness or Sleep Mode > Adjust


  • Choose a dial that uses less energy


Press and hold down the current dial of your watch > Select a dial with fewer complications and widgets

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