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How to navigate on ZeRound3?

Turn On/Off the device

Long press the button for 3 seconds

Turn on the screen

Press the button

Move between screens

Slide to the right for activity menu

Slide to the left for main menu

Slide up for notifications

Slide down for shortcuts

Enter a menu/Select/Confirm

Tap with one finger to open or select a menu item

Exit a menu/Go back to previous screen

Tap twice to return to previous screen or exit a menu

Go back to the home screen (from any screen)

Press the button

Change the watch face

To change your ZeRound3 watch face, press firmly on the current watch face, swipe left or right to go through the different watch faces available and tap on the one you want to select and use.

To ensure ZeRound3 is responding accurately to your taps, we recommend using your fingertip and not your nail.

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