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Why does the HR sensor still read some values when I am not wearing it?

If the mobile app and/or your watch shows heart rate data while you're not wearing the watch, be aware that this can be explained in two ways:

  • Sometimes, if you remove your device from your wrist and store it in a purse, pocket or backpack while still moving, the device may display an incorrect heart rate measurement. Some factors such as temperature changes, movements, ... can affect the measurement of heart rate.


  • To avoid visualization of graphs with very contrasting or illegible curves, we have implemented algorithms that define an average heart rate (based on your data of the day and your profile) over a period of time (automatic tracking mode activated but shows not worn) if no frequency is detected.


To avoid incorrect data, we recommend that you turn off automatic tracking when you are not wearing your device.

This will also allow you to maximize the autonomy of your device.

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