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How the weather function work?

To check the current weather, go to the Weather interface on your ZeRound3 or swipe down from the home screen and click on the weather widget at the top .

By default, the weather screen shows your current location.


Set up the weather feature


  • Go to the Advanced settings of the mobile app
  • Tap on Weather
  • Select Auto track mode to get weather forecasts based on your GPS position


  • Select Manual mode to choose your location

Following this procedure, your ZeRound3 will display the weather forecast of your select location.

ZeRound3 will display the weather forecasts of the present day and upcoming 3 days on a second page.


To change the temperature unit, go in the Watch settings > click on Activity > select Unitsor from the mobile app, go to the Settings menu > Change your weight or height unit.

If the weather condition for your current location seems wrong or doesn’t appear, make sure that the location services for the MyKronoz App are switched ON.

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